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AWhat is the price for one high precision UV printer?[2017-01-04]
The price is decided by the size of the machine and the configuration of print heads. Normal price of UV printer varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands US dollars. But the price are not suggested to be ..
AWhat is the difference between UV printing and screen printing?[2017-01-03]
The biggest headache for UV printing starters is the problem of selection. So what exactly make UV printing so different from screen printing? In comparison with the traditional screen printing, which possess obviously..
AThe cause and the solution of image doubling[2016-12-31]
In the long term of using UV printer, how to handle the fuzzy and doubling of the font or image blurry when printing small sized font? Below are good solutions to solve this situation. There are three causes for the d..
AWhat is the reason UV print heads present ink break and drawing?[2016-12-31]
After using UV printer with Ricoh print heads, there will be a common problem, the printed products present a phenomenon of drawing, that is faults which look like wavy silk pattern. So why does this happen? To figu..
AHow long is the average lifetime of UV print head?[2016-12-30]
For the UV printer, the print head is not only a core part, it is also a type of consumable. If it is not used or be maintained properly in daily operation, it will be blocked even be written off. First thing to kn..
AWhat are the environment requirements of using UV printer?[2016-12-30]
1.The ideal conditions is dust-free working environment, operate the machine in a place as clean as possible. This can prevent the dust and other foreign materials fall on the axle, raster or vital components, causing ..
AHow long will the lifetime of image printed by UV printers would be?[2016-12-29]
Normally, the image produced by UV printer can sustain for 2-5 years in outdoor situation, the time is relevant with the environment. Say if there is always sunlight, rainy, windy, etc., possibly the lifetime will be u..
AWhat are the causes of drip and leak?[2016-12-29]
It is a normal problem ,especially under the overload working , so the user don’t have to worry about it, here is the reason of this kind of problems: Firstly, you need to know the principles of inkjet. The UV p..
AWhy can’t UV printer equipments print mirrors?[2016-11-25]
The reason UV printers can’t print material like mirrors is because of the print head. As we all know, the biggest specification of UV ink is that it is cured by light, and when we expose it by UV lamp, it will b..
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