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Non-woven UV printer use imported eco-friendly ink which is with high saturation, create clear and delicate picture with sharp color, easy to make high-end display effect. The high strength, double sunshine and wind resistance are also the advantages. It is widely used in large-scale billboards, business backgrounds and large banners.

The application solutions for non-woven cloth

The UV backlight application is widely used all over the world. Due to the cost and the quality, it is mainly used in medium and high class places as background light-box of branded mobile phone 4s stores, the billboards on both sides of the subway aisle, the billboards inside of the airport, signs of large shopping malls and advertising billboards. Shenzhen HANDTOP Tech Co., Ltd is specialized in research and develop advanced UV printers. By continuous exploring and testing, provided comprehensive application solutions for the UV backlight printing industry.

Main Process

For further details of scheme, please, our staff will provide you cost-benefit analysis, the equipment and process advices.

Equipment Recommendation

HT3200UV-HK:Hybrid printer with Kyocera

HT3200UV-HR:Hybrid printer with Ricoh GEN5

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