Knife wiper cloth UV printing Knife wiper cloth UV printing Knife wiper cloth UV printing

Application Solutions

Knife-coated cloth uv printer adopts the imported environmental ink, with high saturation and exquisite image, beautiful color, high-class display effect, great stiffness, twice effect of sun block and wind-resist.

The knife-coated cloth is a kind of Chemical composed materials, thicker than normal cloth, with the smooth front, coarse back, larger and uneven granule. It can be divided into highlight surface and matte surface, depends on the application field, usually, the highlight can be used in indoor decoration, while the matte surface can used in both.

Targeted Application Field

Large-scale advertising billboard, business backdrop, banner, and so on.

Equipment Recommendation

HT3200UV-HR:Flatbed printer with Kyocera

HT3200UV-HK:Flatbed printer with Ricoh GEN5

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