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Application Solutions

The ceramic uv printer adopts zero-touch printing technology, any picture can be printed out for one time, and no need to make plate with simple procedure, is an technical innovation of silk printing and drawings. What’s more, the equipment can print the colored ink and white ink at the same time, crating a sense of 3D relief with sand-blasting effect, not only that but the picture can be colorful and water-proof, sun-resistant, durable and against fading, which means that the ceramic printing product can be applied to indoor and outdoor. In a word, the ceramic uv printer, with easy operation and stable performance, can meet the demand of all the mass production requirement of various industries and slash cost for customer, thus improve the customer’s market competition ability.

Main Process

Using the exclusive device to clean and dry the ceramic, and use the roller coater to coat the primer, dry it, print it, and film it.

The ceramic background wall or ceramic floor can be divided into three types by technological design:
  • 1. Colorful flat background wall, is used a lot in the imitated jade and marble, its weather resistance can be improved by varnish-coating based on the procedure of sand-blasting and polishing before printing color.
  • 2. Colored sculpture, is applied to most of embossing effect of ceramic background wall , by using the carving machine and sand-blasting machine to burnish the 3D effect, and then print the color and coat the varnish.
  • 3.Glass-ceramic background wall , it is a recombination of glass and flat colored ceramic , which makes the wall more shiny and has a touch of jade , the protective effect also enables the uv ceramic printing can be used to floor tiles.

Targeted Application Field

The 3D ceramic background wall series have more than 300 types of product, have all the style of home decoration and industrial decoration need, is widely used in home decoration, business place, entertainment place, and large-scale exhibition.

Equipment Recommendation

HT3116UV-FR:Flatbed printer with Kyocera

HT3116UV-FK:Flatbed printer with Ricoh GEN5

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