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AHow long will the lifetime of image printed by UV printers would be?[2016-11-25]
Normally, the image produced by UV printer can sustain for 2-5 years in outdoor situation, the time is relevant with the environment, say if there is always sunlight, rainy, windy, etc. Possibly the lifetime will ..
AWhat’s the solution when the UV flatbed print head blocked by white ink?[2016-11-25]
Cause: The white ink is not used for a long term or using white ink over warranty may cause the problem. Unlike other inks, white ink precipitate when it is not used for a long term and block the n..
AIs the UV ink eco-friendly? What kind of precaution is needed when using UV prin..[2016-11-25]
The UV ink don’t contain the VOC which is harmful for human, but the un-cured UV ink is still not allowed to contact with the body directly. A long term of direct contact with UV ink may stimulate the skin a..
AWhat are the applications of UV printers?[2016-11-25]
UV printers have a wide field of application, at present, there are mainly mature applications of advertising, glass plate, wood floor, ceramic tile, ceiling, electronic product shell, personalized decoration..
AWhat are the key technologies of UV printer?[2016-11-25]
There are only 3 key technologies known as print head control board technology, color management software technology and hardware structure technology. 1.Print head control board technology From large aspect, th..
Ahow much High-precision flat-panel printer price uv how ?[2016-11-14]
High-precision flat-panel printer price uv how much?The price mainly by the size of the machine and nozzle configuration to determine the general price of UV printers in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousand..
AUV flat-panel printer nozzle off the ink, drawing what?[2016-11-14]
Ricoh UV flatbed printer in the use of a period of time, often encounter a very common problem, the nozzle appears off the ink, print products appear wiredrawing phenomenon, which is a wave of filamentous look like ..
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