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Wooden board UV printer is a new type of hi-tech digital printing device fit for almost all kinds of materials, it can replace screen printing, pad printing and transfer printing devices. Print colors on all kinds of materials without layout design and chromatography as well as higher quality of output than traditional ways even it is easy to operate, the quality remain stable, directly output printing data from the computer.

Application Solutions

Handtop is dedicate in practicing UV digital printing technology in industrial field for a long time. In order to apply in wooden board industry successfully, the R&D team from Handtop spent over a year, worked with Shunde Wooden Floor Factory, to conquer the obstacles of the application. The major challenges are as: pre-coating process, the UV curing ink adhesion problem on the wooden board, wear-resistant, etc.

Main Process

For further details of scheme, please, our staff will provide you cost-benefit analysis, the equipment and process advices.

Targeted Application Field

The creative floor produced by Shunde Wooden Floor Factory using Handtop’s UV digital printing equipment has widely used in schools, basketball playgrounds and hotels, etc. Along with the further marketing of its application, the creative floor will certainly enter innumerable families.

Equipment Recommendation

HT3116UV-FR:Flatbed printer with Ricoh GEN5

HT3116UV-FK:Flatbed printer with Kyocera

Special template for wooden board printing

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